Come Grow with us. WE have ministry work Oppurtunities. Please stop by. 

We Have Room for you!

What a blessing to give away clothing and household items to the Red Oak Community. We accepted donations from church members, friends and family. On Saturday, April 12, 2014 we served our community by giving to those who stopped by. We shared our church service information and invited our visitors to Resurrection Sunday Worship Service.  

Community Yard Give Away

Giving Hearts Ministry

Our pastor

Dr. Clyde M. Swann, Jr., our founding Pastor has worked tirelessly for the last 9 years serving the people, serving the community. Read more by clicking the link below on the legacy of our pastor. 

Our beliefs 

Click the link below to see our beliefs. Please contact us if you have any questions or need us to explain in details something that you've read. 

Our history

A brief History of our church. We've been in existence for 9 years serving the community. Read more by clicking the link below, God has blessed our church to be a blessing.