the birth and vision of new heart fellowship church came by way of our founding and current pastor, dr. clyde m. swann, jr. at the time of formation, dr. swann was a associate minister and teacher at st. phillips missionary baptist church. the church is located at 6000 singing hills blvd, dallas tx, under the leadership of pastor c. j. r. phillips.

through much prayer and spiritual guidance, new heart fellowship church become in existence, on february 23, 2005. worship space in the dallas and duncaville area was very limited, and with the church being brand new, funds were limited too. new heart fellowship church had it's first service at the red bird ymca on june 25, 2005. there were over 100 people there to wish us well. services were held in the gymnasium at the Ymca.


Not sure exactly how long we’d be there, but simply walking by faith and depending on God. After twelve weeks of worshiping at the YMCA, Pastor Robert Shelton of the Power House Outreach, COGIC, Church reach out and offered to help. He had already been a blessing and sowed an offering into our ministry while we were in the YMCA. Pastor Shelton and the Power House Outreach Church, had been blessed with a new Church Building. He offered their existing place of worship to our new ministry. With the ministry being new, we didn’t have the funds that it would take to pay for the monthly lease in a prime location. Pastor Shelton was such a blessing, he asked what could we pay, and the Power House Outreach Ministry, made up the difference.  Once their lease ended, we received God’s grace and mercy again, and the leasing company allowed us to keep paying what we were paying to Power House Outreach Church. 

               we were blessed to worship on camp wisdom for over 6 years. at the end of our 2nd lease pastor swann desired to move out of the store front. we began to look for new place of worship. pastor swann found a building in red oak and told the real estate agent he would like to see it. pastor swann liked the building and by faith told the real estate he want to place a contract on the church. we had only a half of months rent in our bank account. the loan required 20% down and we didn't have it. through prayer and god, we raised our down payment plus additional money to do other things to the church.  in may of 2012 we bought our first building in red oak texas. 
                    Pastor Swann continues to strengthen the congregation, so that we may go out and spread the word of God. As the foundation for the church continues to be built we are blessed to have operating ministries by way of; Men’s Ministry; Women of New Heart “Higher Ground Ministry” ; Servant-Hood Ministry;  Usher Ministry; Praise Team Ministry; Youth Ministry; Hospitality Ministry;  and a host of other celebration days. 
                in the year 2010 we added a youth organ player and drummer.  they have been a vital part of our worship service ever since. 

             As God continues to shape us and mold us, it is sure he is building up leaders amongst us. We all understand that it’s not a race but a walk and we are all truly thankful to God, for his Grace and Mercy that has kept us thus far.         
          We look forward to our future as we look for God to continue to increase us spiritually and in numbers. it is our pastor's vision that we will continue to become a stronger force in the community. His vision is that we will all know Jesus better, not just know his name, but know and operate in Jesus and have the power to tell someone else about Jesus.  

Our History